VirtualBox on Windows and MacOS with TONOS-CLI

VirtualBox on Windows and MacOS with TONOS-CLI

Step 1 (once)

Install Virtualbox


Download Virtualbox for Windows

Virtualbox for x64 NEW PC


Virtualbox for x64 OLD PC


Virtualbox for x86 OLD PC


Download Virtualbox Image

VirtualBox Image (Size 3.7GB)

VM images comes pre-installed TONOS-CLI with VirtualBox Guest Additions / Open VM Tools for better performance.

MD5: 19054F6C383D59FA02581EB1487AF7A8
SHA-1: 3CB5B239C03635A3B6D18AFC2EA9AE07A955AB44

System Details & Login Information

vCPU: 1




DISK: 1000GB

/boot       : 512MB

/       : 97GB LVM

SWAP       : 1GB

Network: Bridged

Username: ubuntu

Password : ubuntu

(to become root, use sudo su -)

Import VM Images in VirtualBox

Step 1: Go to the downloads directory of your system (default one) or to the location where you have saved the VM image.

Step 2: Extract the VM zip file using WinZip or 7-Zip program.

Step 3: Open the VirtualBox.

Step 4: Go to file » Import Appliance.

Step 5: On the Import Virtual Appliance wizard, click the browse icon button to choose a VM file to import.

Step 6: Browse to the location where you have extracted the VM image. and then select the image and then click on Open.

Step 7: Change the name of the VM and other values if required.

Step 8: Choose the hard disk location where you want the Virtual Machine(disks and configurations) to be saved and run and then click the Import button.

Step 9: Agree to Software License Agreement.

Step 10: VirtualBox will now start importing the VM image. Wait for the import to complete.

Step 11: Once the import is complete, you should see a new Virtual Machine in the VirtualBox.

Step 12: If required, you can change the virtual machine’s resources like CPU, Memory, Network, and other settings by right-clicking on the virtual machine.

Step 13: You can now power on the virtual machine to start working on it.

Step 2 (every time you start working with a project)

Open the VirtualBox

Start Virtual Machine On VirtualBox


Enter Login and Password (if you needed)

Username/login: ubuntu
Password : ubuntu

Open terminal and go to the working folder

need to copy and paste into the command line

$ cd multisig

Generate deployment key pair file (once)

need to copy and paste into the command line and insert your seed phrase!!!!!!!!!!!

$ sudo ./tonos-cli getkeypair deploy.keys.json "<seed_phrase>"
For example:
sudo ./tonos-cli getkeypair deploy.keys.json "dizzy modify exotic daring gloom rival pipe disagree again film neck fuel"

To confirm/sign the transaction use the following command:

you need to copy the received link and paste it here click enter

For example:
sudo ./tonos-cli call 0:bf7afb5e8610ae337daad42128d16f828e957c5374e81d32e9732f5f86ea5a3c confirmTransaction '{"transactionId":"0x5f98db74b0dae401"}' --abi SetcodeMultisigWallet.abi.json --sign deploy.keys.json

need to copy and paste into the command line

$ cd

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