Create Secure Environment with Tails OS

Create Secure Environment with Tails OS

Here is how you can create a secure environment with TONOS-CLI using a Tails OS USB drive:

1. Install the Tails image to a USB drive. Follow the steps listed here: https://tails.boum.org/install/index.en.html

2. When done, boot from the USB drive: connect the USB drive to your PC and reboot it.

3. Set up boot from USB in BIOS/UEFI.

4. Boot Tails.

5. To connect to the Internet, click network icon in the upper right corner.

  • If you have wired connection, autoconnect through DHCP

  • If you have wireless connection, configure it by entering your Wi-Fi SSID and password

6. Open TOR browser.

7. Go to TONOS-CLI Github page by manually entering the URL https://github.com/tonlabs/tonos-cli in the the address bar of the TOR browser. On the GitHub page click on release.

8. Download the TONOS-CLI archive by clicking on the *.tar.gz filename under Assets.

9. Save the file and then open its location by clicking on the folder icon in the Downloads menu.

10. Extract TONOS-CLI utility:

10.1. double-click on the downloaded file and select tonos-cli binary. Then click Extract.

10.2. select Home folder from the left list and press the blue Extract button.

Note: If needed, you may select another location for the utility. Home is a suggestion for convenience.

11. Download compiled multisignature contract and multisignature ABI file from https://github.com/tonlabs/ton-labs-contracts/tree/master/solidity/safemultisig. To go to the contracts URL, you may manually enter the URL in the TOR browser or navigate to the contracts repository in the TON Labs github (back to tonlabston-labs-contractssolidity → safemultisig).

You need to download two files: SafeMultisigWallet.abi.json and SafeMultisigWallet.tvc and place them next to the TONOS-CLI utility:

11.1. Download raw versions of both files.

11.2. move both downloaded files next to the TONOS-CLI utility: open the folder they are saved to by clicking on the folder icon in the Downloads menu; select both files, right click and select Move to; choose the folder with the TONOS-CLI utility (in this example – Home) as the destination and confirm.

12. To work with TONOS-CLI you need to run the Terminal from the Applications menu.


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